Moderna Housewares is a boutique supplier of lifestyle products for the modern home. We feature innovative home and lifestyle products that are distinguished by superior workmanship, award-winning designs, and durable manufacturing, all at affordable prices.

In addition to our own award-winning products designed in-house. Moderna Housewares is also a leading provider of turnkey solutions that translate product ideas into market success for inventors and retail buyers seeking vertical access to key understanding, design competencies, and manufacturing know-how needed to turn ideas into products.

With several decades of experience spanning the Western and Eastern Hemispheres, Moderna Housewares is able to tap both mature centers for design innovation the world's leading low cost manufacturing centers, putting mass retailers on a rapid path to product developmet.

For large domestic corporations who lack the overseas infrastructure and are challenged by risk-averse cultures and complicated organizational structures, Moderna Housewares offers a deep knowledge base and international team as a catalyst for transitioning ideas into tangible innovations, and accelerating the achievement of commercial success.

The following critical services underpin our ability to turn ideas into marketable innovations:
  • Rapid product conceptualization using advanced virtualization software and prototype development. The step is critical to kick-off and product conceptualization refinement.
  • Manufacturing feasibility analysis based on access to latest manufacturing systems, ensuring a proper alignment on cost basis formulation and time-to-market expectations.
  • Comprehensive Intellectual property research to ensure the best protection on unique claims and designs, followed by optional turnkey IP registrations for corporations that lack in-house legal
    capabilities for worldwide protection.
  • Executing on best manufacturing option based on manufacturing core competencies, expertise, pricing, and the absence of manufacturer conflicts-of-interest.
  • Turnkey in-house logistical support and feet-on-the-ground Quality Control Teams with real-time reporting.